CMC’s VSAT solutions takes the benefits of satellite-based connectivity to reach the world’s most remote and hard-to-serve areas. Our VSAT solution caters for hybrid requirements combines terrestrial and wireless technologies meeting service levels required by the customer. CMC’s VSAT products cater for multiple use cases based on the Customers requirement, following products are available:

VSAT Corporate:
Offers either a dedicated 1:1 bandwidth where a specific Committed Information Rate (CIR) is required or pooled bandwidth where all sites utilize the bandwidth allocated to it in the pool

VSAT Backup:
This product is designed to provide backup to a primary terrestrial service. Asymmetrical speeds to optimize capacity where it’s needed for business that require larger download speeds as appose to upload speeds.

VSAT Broadband:
Offered as an asynchronous service with varied down load and upload speeds with inclusive monthly data plans. Multiple sites can be configured to use data out of a data bundle allocated to the aggregated sites. CMC’s C-RAN (Software Defined Network) SDN platform has inherent capabilities of ensuring latency sensitive application are not affected when traversing over a VSAT link, therefore making any of CMC’s VSAT services ideal as a primary or secondary link to be bundled into an SD-WAN implementation using C-RAN.

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CMC | Path Diversity

Guaranteed network connectivity is not a given. Networks are carefully designed and implemented to ensure they are resilient and diverse in order to react swiftly and have the necessary resources to re-route traffic during planned and unplanned network changes.

To ensure continued business operations, CMC's diverse and flexible network infrastructure supports the extensive range of all our products which can be mixed and matched to ensure no single point of failure and to facilitate the desired and required service levels.

This can be achieved by the following:

  • Dual Customer Premises Equipment (CPE): Active/Passive or Active/Active modes.
  • Local Loop Diversity: Diverse technology (Fibre, Wireless and Satellite), North and South points of entry and provider diversity guaranteeing no single point of failure (SPOF) in the telco exchange.
  • Point of Presence (PoP) Diversity: *Geographically diverse PoPs.
  • Undersea Cable: Access to multiple submarine cable systems.
  • International Termination Diversity: Provides the ability to terminate (NNI) international traffic in geographically diverse locations.

Near real-time reporting via CMC's online portal offers you visibility of your network performance. With dedicated Service Management and Service Assurance teams, you can rest assured your network is monitored 24x7x365 by highly skilled professionals.
*Available at certain PoP locations

Diversity Options Below

Path Diversity 2


Path Diversity

Diverse Options



Wet segment - Undersea cables

Customer handoff NNI

Access Options

Diverse Technology (Fibre, Microwave, Leased Line, xDSL, VSAT

Diverse in-country provider - Telco redundancy

North and South Entry Points (in most countries)

Product Diversity



Carrier Ethernet





Flexible bandwidth rate

512Kbit/s - 10Gbit/s+


Silver, Gold or Platinum or Platinum +




SLA dependent

Near real-time reporting

Available on most countries and dependent on the SLA subscribed to

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CMC's Professional Services provide support to Customers requiring emergency, ad-hoc, planned and route maintenance in all CMC supported Countries. Our partner technicians are on call at any given time of the day, every day. With CMC's Professional Services, Customers can respond more efficiently and quickly to emergencies, reduce travel time, improve up-time, reduce the overall cost of infrastructure management and maintenance. CMC's hourly service plans, and volume discounts are uniquely designed to support all Customers in reducing their infrastructure management costs.

Managed Logistics support
With years of experience and an integrated support structure, CMC provides logistics support for all your equipment needs by assisting in procuring network equipment, warehousing and remote implementation.

By combining CMC's products such as Carrier Ethernet, MPLS VPN, OneMPLS, Internet, Professional Services and Managed Logistics, CMC provides an efficient, one stop turn-key solution for all your network requirements and infrastructure needs.

The following outlines the services provided by CMC:


  • Hardware replacement or installations
  • Procurement of Cisco equipment, x86 white boxes to support our C-RAN deployment
    (alternative equipment can be sourced, however this will be on a case by case basis)
  • Provide logistical and warehousing support for our C-RAN deployment
  • Shipping, receiving and delivering equipment
  • Warehousing of equipment
  • Racking and stacking equipment
  • Configuration of Cisco and C-RAN equipment (configuration of alternative equipment can be done with the assistance of the Customer)

Professional Services

  • Racking and stacking equipment
  • Field services support on a time and material basis
  • Moving or securing network cables
  • Network router, switch configuration and software updates
  • Server refreshers and reboots
  • Power cycling
  • Inventory management and labelling
  • Network Audits (physical and logical)

Professional Services & Logistics 24x7x365


Hardware Replacement

Procurement (Cisco Equipment)

Procurement (Other)


Shipping & Receiving


Racking and Stacking

Configuration (Cisco)

Field Service Support

Inventory Management

Network Audits

GNOC Support

24 x 7 x 365

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CMC | Rapid Adaptive Network (C-RAN)

In our Journey to Digital Transformation - CMC Networks developed a platform called C-RAN (CMC Rapid Adaptive Network) which combines the Next Generation Software Defined-Wide Area Network (NG SD-WAN) architecture with inherent security and encryption features while ensuring the flexibility to spin up (install) and service chain (connect) Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs') of Your choice.

The C-RAN SD-WAN platform is regarded as the Next Generation SD-WAN (NG SD-WAN) platform. The routing function is Session Smart, therefore speaking the language of Your applications and subsequently turning Your network into a service-centric fabric that's simple, agile and with built in “Zero Trust” security by including metadata into each packet which is inspected hop by hop ensuring integrity of your data. The platform eliminates the use of tunnels (i.e. IPSec, GRE, etc.) saving you CAPEX and OPEX and at the same time addressing current SD-WAN challenges, such as:

  • Stateless failover experienced with state full applications and voice services
  • Additional bandwidth tax introduced when creating tunnels (IPSec and GRE)
  • Load sharing across dissimilar links

The C-RAN platform accepts Application Programming Interfaces (APIs') from external sources subsequently enabling your sales and operational processes to be part of CMS's process allowing immediate response to all sales queries and swift resolution to operational issues.

The C-RAN SD-WAN platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) using machine-learning algorithms by learning and understanding the status of each WAN link terminating on the SD-WAN router. The protocol called Service and Topology Exchange Protocol (STEP) makes a decision how to route the packet, based on the credentials and thresholds assigned to the application, user and the status of the destination network.

Orchestration and management of the services are offered by best of breed applications and supported by all known VNF's, ensuring Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) interoperability between network functions and the inclusion of hybrid cloud capabilities.

In summary, the C-RAN SD-WAN platform offers the following commercial benefits:

    • Simplicity: No tunnels or overlays, no more hardware centric networking
    • Agility: Faster deployment, better responsiveness, dynamic optimization
    • Security: Zero Trust model, Authentication + Encryption + Segmentation
    • Performance: Less overhead, more scalability, dynamic optimization
    • Savings: Reduce bandwidth and connectivity costs (no tunnels), third party point tools, CAPEX and OPEX up to 30%
    • SLA: 99.99% network availability in challenging countries in High Availability (HA) mode

Near real-time reporting via CMC's online portal offers you visibility of the performance of your network. With dedicated Service Management and Service Assurance teams, you can rest assured your network is monitored 24x7x365 by highly skilled professionals.

The product is delivered in three different variations, depending on the Customers' requirements, namely:


Product Offering

Product Name

Supported Items


NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security


NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security + 2 X VNFs’

C-RAN 12+ C

NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security + n X VNFs’ + Public Cloud + Private Cloud

C-RAN 4C Offering



Access Type

Availability SLA

SLA Components


C-RAN Device offering NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security

Customer Supplied


C-RAN Device Only


C-RAN Device offering NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security

CMC Supplied - 2 X DIA


C-RAN Device & Access


C-RAN Device offering NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security

CMC Supplied - 1 X DIA + 1 X MPLS


C-RAN Device & Access


C-RAN Device offering NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security

CMC Supplied - 2 X MPLS


C-RAN Device & Access

High Availability (HA)

HA mode can be supplied by duplicating the above

CMC Supplied


C-RAN Device & Access

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The product is designed to cater OneMPLS for Customers who have multiple sites in the same geographic location, with the need to send and receive data to or from their Head Office or Data Centres and require an aggregated International Transit component to save on costs, but still require the characteristics associated with a MPLS network such as robustness, predictability and security.

The product has the same resilience and diversity as its sister product “MPLS VPN” however giving you flexible design options to suit your network needs.

The design requires all sites to terminate on the same edge router at CMC's PoP (Point of Presence) locations. All sites use a centrally managed private bandwidth pool over the CMC core network therefore, any bandwidth not being used is available to all sites to take advantage of.

Priority of business critical data can be classified with a higher priority using Class of Service (CoS) mapping and Quality of Service (QoS) targets where required.

Country centralized or decentralized Internet breakout with either dedicated or shared firewalls are available with full support and Service Level Agreements (SLA's).

Unique Proposition:

  • Cost per site for MPLS services are drastically reduced, however still maintaining all the characteristics of a Private MPLS network.
  • Centrally managed bandwidth pool, therefore bandwidth not used can be utilized by other sites.
  • Customer has access to bandwidth statistics via our online portal.
  • Customer's bandwidth pool can be upgraded dynamically without hardware changes.
  • Prioritization of business critical traffic can be configured to take precedence over less critical traffic.
  • Country centralized or decentralized Internet breakout with security/firewalls available.

Near real-time reporting via CMC's online portal offers you visibility of the performance of your network. With dedicated Service Management and Service Assurance teams, you can rest assured your network is monitored 24x7x365 by highly skilled professionals.

Below table depicts the SLA’s offered:



OneMPLS Lite

OneMPLS Express

OneMPLS Premium

Tail Types




Leased Line




Metro Ethernet





SLA Options








Platinum +





Multiple CoS


Internet Breakout



Managed Firewall



Managed CPE





Global (GLNet)

Africa (AfriNet)

Middle East (MeNet)

North America (NANet)

South America (SANet)

Asia (AsNet)


24 x 7 x 365

24 x 7 x 365

25 x 7 x 365

Managed CPE

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