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Africa and the Middle East’s Largest

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CMC NETWORKS – Your largest Pan African and Middle Eastern Carrier

CMC Networks provides and enables connectivity and solutions across the entire African continent and Middle East region, with 78 pops across 50 countries in Africa and 108 Pops globally across USA, Europe, UAE, India, and Asia Pacific regions

CMC Networks provides our customers with world class, next generation connectivity and solutions across a traditionally difficult geography in a manner normally associated with first world countries to their end-users, making true one stop shopping for wholesale telco services a reality, and ensuring all our customers are and will be future ready.

CMC Networks have placed a significant focus on Internet products and solutions to meet a growing customer demand. The move to SDN (Software Defined Networks) is yet another key focus with SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking) been a major part of the SDN portfolio.

CMC Networks is a carrier-neutral vendor, not participating in the enterprise telecommunication space. This is a key and significant Unique selling proposition and as a result, we will service your end-clients indirectly across every vertical sector.

CMC Networks offer tailor made products that enable the wholesale telecommunications industry to extend their network service offerings and capabilities with aggressive Service Levels and network metrics into the various regions.

CMC Networks is majority owned by The Carlyle Group, which is one of the world’s largest and most diversified alternative asset management firms with over $200B of assets under management.


Our Products

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CMC Networks operates a fully resilient Ethernet Network within the Middle East, Africa, West Asia read more

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The right architecture and technology for your business to enable you to deliver the right product  read more

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Do you need the robustness, predictability and security of an MPLS network at a low cost?  read more

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internet suite

CMC has created four internet products that seeks to address most of our Customer needs  read more

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remote hands

CMC’s Remote Hands Service provides professional support to customers  read more

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next gen SDN

The emergence of technologies such as cloud applications and AI-driven robotics, highlight the need for next generation networks  read more

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