CMC’s VSAT solutions takes the benefits of satellite-based connectivity to reach the world’s most remote and hard-to-serve areas. Our VSAT solution caters for hybrid requirements combines terrestrial and wireless technologies meeting service levels required by the customer. CMC’s VSAT products cater for multiple use cases based on the Customers requirement, following products are available:

VSAT Corporate:
Offers either a dedicated 1:1 bandwidth where a specific Committed Information Rate (CIR) is required or pooled bandwidth where all sites utilize the bandwidth allocated to it in the pool

VSAT Backup:
This product is designed to provide backup to a primary terrestrial service. Asymmetrical speeds to optimize capacity where it’s needed for business that require larger download speeds as appose to upload speeds.

VSAT Broadband:
Offered as an asynchronous service with varied down load and upload speeds with inclusive monthly data plans. Multiple sites can be configured to use data out of a data bundle allocated to the aggregated sites. CMC’s C-RAN (Software Defined Network) SDN platform has inherent capabilities of ensuring latency sensitive application are not affected when traversing over a VSAT link, therefore making any of CMC’s VSAT services ideal as a primary or secondary link to be bundled into an SD-WAN implementation using C-RAN.

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