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With many organisations focusing on digital transformation initiatives, networks are being used in new ways that are stretching their existing capabilities – sometimes to breaking point.

The emergence of technologies such as cloud applications and AI-driven robotics, highlight the need for next generation networks, which are more flexible and able to keep pace with changes in capacity, usage and strategic product initiatives. Software defined networking (SDN) is key to this.

CMC has create a Product called C-RAN (CMC-Rapid Adaptive Network) that address some key challenges with current SDN and SD-WAN products such as tunnelling, link bonding, State full failover, managing multiple VNF’s (Virtual Network Functions) to name but a few.

Our NG-SDN platform encompasses the following, however not limited to:

  • SD-WAN (Software Defined – Wide Area Networks)
  • Virtualized routing functions
  • Virtualized firewalls and security appliances
  • Private Cloud and Public Cloud platforms
  • etc.

The platform includes an Orchestration layer that ties into our OSS (Operational Support Systems) and BSS (Business Support Systems) for Zero Touch Procuring, Service Delivery and Service Assurance processes, transforming you and your Customers to a Digital and AI world.

CMC – Rapid Adaptive Network (C-RAN)

With the invent of Software Defined Networks(SDN) and the drive to digital transformation CMC has developed a platform that combines Software Defined-Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) architecture with inherent security and encryption features while still giving you the flexibility to spin up (install) and service chain (connect) Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs’) of your choice. The C-RAN platform is developed on an “OpenSource” architecture preventing the Customer from “Vendor Lock-in” which is a problem with traditional network equipment.

The C-RAN platform is regarded as a Next Generation SD-WAN (NG SD-WAN) platform, the routing function is Session Smart therefore speaking the language of your applications subsequently turning your network into a service-centric fabric that’s more simple and agile with built in “Zero Trust” security by including metadata into each packet which is inspected hop by hop ensuring integrity of your data. The platform eliminates the use of tunnels (i.e. IPSec, GRE, etc.) saving you Capex and Opex at the same time addressing current SD-WAN challenges such as:

  • Link Bonding when using multiple and hybrid WAN links
  • Stateless failover experienced with state full applications and voice services
  • Additional bandwidth tax introduced when creating tunnels (IPSec and GRE)

The C-RAN platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) using machine-learning algorithms by learning the status of each WAN link terminating on the C-RAN platform, the protocol called Service and Topology Exchange Protocol (STEP) makes a decision how to route the packet based on the credentials and thresholds assigned to the application and user and the status of the destination network.

Orchestration and management of the service are offered by best of breed applications and supported by all know VNF’s, ensuring Zero Touch provisioning interoperability between network functions and the inclusion of hybrid cloud capabilities.
In summary, the C-RAN platform offers the following:

Simplicity – no tunnels or overlays, no more hardware centric networking
Agility – Faster deployment, better responsiveness, dynamic optimization
Security – Zero Trust model, Authentication + Encryption + Segmentation
Performance – Less overhead, more scalability, dynamic optimization
Savings – Reduce bandwidth and connectivity cost (no tunnels), third party point tools, Capex and Opex
SLA – 99.99% network availability in challenging countries

The C-RAN product is delivered in three different variations, depending on the Customers’ requirements, namely:


Product Offering

Product Name

Supported Items


SD-WAN + C-RAN Security


SD-WAN + C-RAN Security + 2 X VNFs'

C-RAN 12+ C

SD-WAN + C-RAN Security + n X VNF's + Public Cloud + Private Cloud

C-RAN 4C Offering



Access Type

Availability SLA

SLA Components


C-RAN Device offering SD-WAN + C-RAN Security

Customer Supplied


C-RAN Device Only


C-RAN Device offering SD-WAN + C-RAN Security

CMC Supplied - 2 X DIA


C-RAN Device & Access


C-RAN Device offering SD-WAN + C-RAN Security

CMC Supplied - 1 X DIA + 1 X MPLS


C-RAN Device & Access


C-RAN Device offering SD-WAN + C-RAN Security

CMC Supplied - 2 X MPLS


C-RAN Device & Access

High Availability (HA)

HA mode can be supplied by duplicating the above

CMC Supplied


C-RAN Device & Access




C-RAN 12 C +

Access (Any Combination)



Leased Line

Wireless Leased Line














Adaptive Encryption


3rd Party VNF Support


Conductor (Orchestration)



Orchestration + Service Chaining


Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud


South America (SANet)

GNOC Support

24 x 7 x 365

24 x 7 x 365

24 x 7 x 365

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