CMC's Carrier Ethernet product provides the ability to build diverse, flexible and scalable WAN solutions to seamlessly connect Customers globally. Read more



CMC's MPLS VPN product is a cost effective and reliable way to ensure your critical information reaches its destination swiftly and securely. Read more



The product is designed to cater OneMPLS for Customers who have multiple sites in the same geographic location, with the need to send and receive data to or from their Head Office or Data Centres and require an aggregated International Transit component to save on costs, but still require the characteristics associated with a MPLS network such as robustness, predictability and security. Read more



CMC has implemented five diverse internet products and solutions to support our Customer needs in CMC's countries of operation. The suite consists of two unmanaged and three managed products. Read more



CMC's Professional Services provide support to Customers requiring emergency, ad-hoc, planned and route maintenance in all CMC supported Countries. Our partner technicians are on call at any given time of the day, every day. With CMC's Professional Services, Customers can respond more efficiently and quickly to emergencies, reduce travel time, improve up-time, reduce the overall cost of infrastructure management and maintenance. CMC's hourly service plans, and volume discounts are uniquely designed to support all Customers in reducing their infrastructure management costs. Read more



In our Journey to Digital Transformation - CMC Networks developed a platform called C-RAN (CMC Rapid Adaptive Network) which combines the Next Generation Software Defined-Wide Area Network (NG SD-WAN) architecture with inherent security and encryption features while ensuring the flexibility to spin up (install) and service chain (connect) Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs') of Your choice. Read more



Guaranteed network connectivity is not a given. Networks are carefully designed and implemented to ensure they are resilient and diverse in order to react swiftly and have the necessary resources to re-route traffic during planned and unplanned network changes. Read more



CMC’s VSAT solutions takes the benefits of satellite-based connectivity to reach the world’s most remote and hard-to-serve areas. Our VSAT solution caters for hybrid requirements combines terrestrial and wireless technologies meeting service levels required by the customer. Read more

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