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Communication to Stakeholders regarding COVID 19 CMC

CMC Networks provides connectivity and solutions across 51 countries in Africa, and 12 countries in the Middle East, extending services across the America’s, UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
We have employees based in South Africa, UK, USA, Europe, Pakistan, Mauritius and Australia.

CMC Networks - Africa’s 1st M2M Next-generation SDx Network

Network operators need efficient ways to deliver new services and innovative methods for the network to learn and connect services to consumers, notably multiple business applications. Networks must be service-oriented to support todays (and tomorrow’s) networking requirements.

CMC: at the forefront of the networking revolution

Demand for connectivity continues to evolve across Africa and the Middle East, driven significantly by the increase in connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices in this region. The kind of phenomenal growth we’re talking about is such that it is predicted that in the Middle East alone, the IoT space will exceed $20 billion in the next three to four years.

Geoff Dornan, CTO mentioned as one of 20 SDN Market Leaders

Across both carrier and enterprise sectors, the proliferation of network virtualisation and automation only continues to rise. Greater visibility, on-demand capabilities and the softwarisation of everything is no longer an added feature but a critical component of next-generation networks.

Full speed ahead: Marisa Trisolino

As the new CEO of CMC Networks, Marisa Trisolino is excited about revolutionising Africa’s ability to connect with the rest of the world.

Marisa Trisolino has had two very different career tracks. For more than two decades, she was part of AT&T, starting out as an intern and scaling the ranks, before moving to CMC Networks last year, where she is now CEO.

20 Women to watch

This year’s class of the annual 20 women to watch includes a mix of new faces and veteran movers and shakers. As ever, this listing, chosen by Capacity’s editorial team, aims to celebrate female executives in our sector who are doing amazing work in their field and pushing the limits of telecoms and innovation.

CMC brings reliability to Africa and the Middle East

CMC brings reliability to Africa and the Middle East.

Marisa Trisolino, CEO of CMC Networks, tells Natalie Bannerman how her company is delivering much-needed connectivity resilience to the region and says we need to do away with the gender comparisons.

CMC Solves African Cross-border connectivity

CMC Networks solve African cross-border connectivity issues with two new services.

“CMC Networks has the unique ability to provide connectivity and services in operationally challenged locations, showcasing world class reliability and latency standards.


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