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Guaranteed network connectivity is not a given. Networks are carefully designed and implemented to ensure they are resilient and diverse in order to react swiftly and have the necessary resources to re-route traffic during planned and unplanned network changes.

To ensure continued business operations, CMC's diverse and flexible network infrastructure supports the extensive range of all our products which can be mixed and matched to ensure no single point of failure and to facilitate the desired and required service levels.

This can be achieved by the following:

  • Dual Customer Premises Equipment (CPE):

    Active/Passive or Active/Active modes.
  • Local Loop Diversity:

    Diverse technology (Fibre, Wireless and Satellite), North and South points of entry and provider diversity guaranteeing no single point of failure (SPOF) in the telco exchange.
  • Point of Presence (PoP) Diversity:

    *Geographically diverse PoPs.
  • Undersea Cable:

    Access to multiple submarine cable systems.
  • International Termination Diversity:

    Provides the ability to terminate (NNI) international traffic in geographically diverse locations.

Near real-time reporting via CMC's online portal offers you visibility of your network performance. With dedicated Service Management and Service Assurance teams, you can rest assured your network is monitored 24x7x365 by highly skilled professionals.
*Available at certain PoP locations

Diversity Options Below

Path Diversity 2


Path Diversity

Diverse Options



Wet segment - Undersea cables

Customer handoff NNI

Access Options

Diverse Technology (Fibre, Microwave, Leased Line, xDSL, VSAT

Diverse in-country provider - Telco redundancy

North and South Entry Points (in most countries)

Product Diversity



Carrier Ethernet





Flexible bandwidth rate

512Kbit/s - 10Gbit/s+


Silver, Gold or Platinum or Platinum +




SLA dependent

Near real-time reporting

Available on most countries and dependent on the SLA subscribed to

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