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DDoS attacks are one of the most common forms of cyber-attacks, and the certainty of undergoing a DDoS attack is increasing steadily. Without a dedicated Always-On DDoS protection in place, daily attacks will impact business continuity and result in slow and failed services or applications. CMC Networks DDoS mitigation as a service powered by Corero, is a preventive and secure measure protecting your IT environment permanently.


Smartwall a forerunner in the industry, delivers real-time, automatic protection and mitigation, keeping DDoS attacks at bay, without any associated downtime. Smartwall uses a patented, innovative and automated, multi-stage detection and mitigation pipeline to ensure the highest possible efficacy. Protection is achieved while maintaining line-rate performance, ensuring legitimate traffic is not impacted by damaging false-positive, or a significant increase in latency.

Always on Detection & Mitigation

The size and duration of attacks remains the primary factor in organizations in need of DDoS Protection solution. The vast majority (98%) of mitigated DDoS attacks are >10Gbps in volume and >10minutes in duration. Therefore, the efficacy of traditional detect, redirect and mitigate solutions that may need up to ten minutes or more to initiate mitigation are ineffective. The permanent solutions to avoid repeat outages as a result of these repeat attacks, is to deploy an active real-time protection against DDoS which detects and mitigated in seconds or less.

Deep Packet Inspection

Unlike other DDoS protection solutions, which rely on header-cased 5-tuple flow information, Smartwall's Deep Packer Inspection screens the packet header, plus the first 128-bytes of the payload, delivering the most advanced DDoS attack detection, with surgical mitigation.

Analytics Portal

SecureWatch is a powerful security analytics portal that delivers turn-key visibility capturing DDoS attacks and cyber threats with comprehensive and easy-to-read security dashboards. SecureWatch instantly shows the size and volume of packets in the attack, with the granular visibility covering every DDoS vector used, right down to the data in the packets themselves, if needed. Tailored security feeds and intelligence, exposing:

  • Volumetric DDoS attacks
  • Targeted resource exhaustion attacks
  • Under the radar low and slow attacks
  • Victim servers, ports and services attacks
  • Malicious IP address and botnets


Key Benefits

Always On Protection

  • Fastest automatic mitigation (<1sec)
  • Always On Defence
  • Keeps application and services online
  • Zero downtime


  • Pay as you grow protection
  • Protection at single or multiple ingress ports

Analytics & Reporting

  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Proactive alerts
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Single Pane of Glass: Analytics and real-tie reports
  • Integrated REST API & common SIEM tools


  • 24x7x365 support
  • Post-incident assessment
  • Ongoing collaboration & updates



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