Geoff Dornan has been in the Telecommunications industry for over 22 years, starting off as a Cisco engineer for Atlantic networks, as well as obtaining the 1st African Ascend communications certification for the MAX pipeline and TNT range of products, Africa has always been at the heart of all things telecoms for Geoff, working on legacy frame-relay and X.25 deployments in South and Southern Africa, allowing him to realize his passion for the Telco sector on the continent.

After Atlantic Geoff joined the Team and CiTEC where the 1st African Cisco MPLS network was successfully rolled out, Geoff then joined CMC Networks has head of Network operations and built out the Pan African and Middle Eastern MPLS and IP backbones, Geoff looks forward to the new wave of Software defined technologies and cloud based services that will inevitably capture the continents attention, as well as offer next generation capabilities for Telco’s alike.

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