Carrier Grade Services

CMC Carrier Grade Services are delivered across our Global SDH Network and form the flagship products within the CMC range. CGS offers robust MPLS managed connectivity, SDH, VPLS and VSAT services. This network spans Africa, Middle East and Western Asia and includes the strong, diverse range of architectures.

  • With the various technologies available through CGS you can select the right architecture and technology for your business, and simultaneosly, at the right price, to enable you to deliver the right product to realise the best value for you or your client.
  • CGS technologies have been designed on an NGN platform and various products across the first 3 layers of the OSI model are available to the market. CMC specifically focuses on delivering product into the Wholesale Market and the products have been tailored accordingly. Carriers using CMC are encouraged to white label the services and extend their network coverage.
  • All CGS Services are delivered across our private network and are backed by various levels of SLA.
  • The managed options include CPE routing equipment that are maintained with associated SLA’s.CGS includes Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point connectivity and where necessary CGS incorporates the Last Mile Access solutions providing your business with a turnkey and bespoke based service offering from a single service provider.
OSI L2 L3 L1/L2
Tail Types
Lease Line  
WLL P2P ;  
Ethernet Metro  
NNI Support
Speeds supported <1Gb <1Gb <100Mb
MTU supported 1500-1600 1500 1500
NTU Included
Protection Optional Optional
SLA Options
Gold (Default)
Silver (Default) (Default)
Global (GLNet)
Africa (AfNet)
West Asia (Stannet)
Support (SLA dependent) 24 x 7 x 365 24 x 7 x 365 24 x 7 x 365
Managed CPE Included